Most days, you'll find me in jeans and an old hoodie, working and chasing my kids around-- or sneaking off on a quick, much needed date with my babe of a husband Stephen. I'm a photographer, midnight crafter, holiday lover and mom to 2 cool dudes and twin toddlers. I thrive on being busy and creative and am always looking to learn new things and find new adventures.

When I'm not working I like to explore and spend time with my family. We love camping, hiking, having epic movie nights, and sneaking away for impromptu trips to the beach.

My photography style? It's dreamy, deep and rich. I want you to look back at your photos and travel right back. My goal is to always remind you how it felt in that special moment in time. I like to joke and chat with my couples, play some music, and have fun as we get to know each other. I strive to leave shoots not only with memory cards full of beautiful photos, but also with new friends.