If you landed here you must have seen something you like yea? Well I’d like to tell you all about myself. To do that I could proceed to write some cheesy bio that makes my little life seem like a fairytale. I’ll spare you. Nobody believes that crap anyway.

In my personal life I am a busy mom of 4 and an okayish wife (I do my best but I have to say I got really freaking lucky in the husband department). I THRIVE on chaos. Like obviously I have to, I am a crazy person with 4 kids right? I’m one of those people that finds peace in the hustle. I love being busy, I love being in charge, I love keeping things moving and getting s*#t done. THAT is why you should hire me. Like yea, it’s pretty crucial you like my work. But I bring a lot more than that to the table and I’d like the chance to show you! I fear no wedding day gone awry or unruly groomsmen. My ability to herd cats at home translates really well as a wedding photographer. No spending all day on family formals and melting in the sun with me. Get in, get out, move on so we can all party. Who doesn’t want that?

When I'm not working I like to explore and spend time with my family. We love camping, hiking, movie nights, and sneaking away for impromptu trips to the beach. If I can incorporate those hobbies into my work, even better! I never shy away from adventurous weddings and photo sessions. You want to go to the Painted Hills? Grand Canyon? Yea, my bags are already packed.

My photography is deep and rich. I always say like real life, but with a little extra magic. My goal is to remind you how it felt in that moment. I like to joke and chat with my couples, play some music, and have fun as we get to know each other. I always try to leave shoots not only with bomb photos, but new friends.

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